Defense of Kiribati Atol

CFS misssion by Ian Drumm

This mission is and excuse to use some of the best Pacific Island scenery Ive seen so far. You will fly a P51 in combat with Mitsubushi A6M2s "Zeros" and use rockets to destory landing craft. Ive also included some P38 lightnings which also featured in the WWII pacific campaign.

Download mission complete with scenery and aircraft (~1MB)

I strongly recommend you use latest version of WinZip as this will preserve all sub-directories.

Installing mission

Move kiri.mis to [CFS Home]\mission directory

Installing aircraft

Move [Zero] folder to [CFS Home]\Aircraft

Installing scenery

This mission uses stunning Kiri-98 scenery by Daniel Zenker.

Move the [Kiri_98] folder to any directory of your own where you want imported scenery to live. Run Combat Flight Simulator and select 'Free Flight' and then 'Fly Now!'. Toggling from full screen to windowed mode (Press ALT ENTER) will give a main menu, select World -> Scenery Library The resultant dialog box lists 'Scenery Library Combat Flight Simulator'. Select [Files] and then [Search]. CFS will evntually show you a *.bgl file from the Kiri98\scenery directory and let you add all scenery files from this folder. You'll want to name the scenery 'Kiribati', set to active and local and make sure it is layered below 'Combat Flight Simulator Non Theatre World - Metro Regional 1', 'Theatre Regional 2', 'Combat Flight Simulator Non Theatre World - Metro Global 3'.

For more information on installing aircraft and scenery see and