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About Manchester 

The Poetry of Carole Smart - poetry by published Manchester poet and friend of band
Virtual Manchester - Everything you wanted to know about Manchester - Club and gig guide to Manchester and North West of England
North West Search

Music Industry

Independant Labels - Excellent directory for the Music Business
Sonic State - Comprehensive music information site
Euronet - Cool music pages

Get a SoundRing Site
181.4 Music - Music magazine and bands/industry directory
The Ultimate Band List - Hugh list of Band Sites
Wonderwall - UK Indie Bands
- Low Music Prices - Click Here to buy (Artist's Name) albums.
The Supersonic Guide - Apparently Britains most popular music web site
Indy Music - A site with lots of Real Audio of Unsigned Bands
Best Unsigned Bands of 96' - Lots of Unsigned Bands listed here
J-Bird Records - New Bands - Includes real audio
The Blue Room - Independant Bands - plus useful new features
Intermixx - An www independant music magazine
The Bandit A&R Newsletter - can help you target music buisness companies uk & world wide, running for over nine years includes free sample, links, subscription details.
American Music Information Source Guide - We are the largest music site on the internet with complete music industry links.
The Vibe - Unsigned Bands - Includes real audio play list
The CD Links Page - Unsigned Bands
The Not So Ultimate Band List - Unsigned Bands
D'aryl's List of Bands - Unsigned Bands
Cyber Sounds - Unsigned Bands
Acme Rocket, The Company - By coincidence there's a company call Acme Rocket that specialise in Web Page Development, (JAVA, etc).
Oxford University's Indie Music Society - Find reviews, gigs and links to interesting sites.
Strangeways - The guide to british indie music on the net.
Aural Exciter Music - Swiss music foundation.
Drown Music - an indie music site that provides information, indie search, chat rooms, bulletin boards, an ezine and more.
Grunnen Rocks - dedicated to good independent music all over the world.
How to Survive as an Independent Band - one guy's experience in booking, promoting, touring, and making records as an independent band.
Independent Artist Services - a collection of information and services for the unappreciated and exploited.
Independent Music Press (IMPress)
Index - Indie Rock Hub
IndiSonic - discover new bands and artists, play streaming music, and buy the music you like. Free the music!
Indie Centre - An indie label information site with a variety of information for independent labels and bands wishing to release vinyl, cassette and compact discs.
Indie Music Page, The - Indie links and Sebadoh guitar tab.
Indie Music Resources - A listing of resources including bands, labels, zines, promotion, and scenes.
Indie Rock Hub - collection of indie rock Web links to bands, labels, fan pages etc.
IndieBoard - a message forum for users to discuss various aspects of the music business that are not often addressed in alt. music.independent or other usenet newsgroups.
IndieWeb - Never mind the majors...
Loop Engine - download a weekly independent music sample to use as a loop in a mod or sequencer.
Primordial Shmooze - Effort on the part of various indie musicians, artists, rabble-rousers, techies, and university graduates to create an alt music, industry specific "hangout" in cyberspace.
Relax Online - links to independent bands and labels with real audio files courtesy of audio net. the site also features poetry and short stories by unpublished authors.
Rock N' Roll Romper Room - featuring reviews and interviews.
Russian Independent Music - Everything related to independent music in Russia.
Scandinavian Indie
Sugary Tea Indie Pop Music Links - Links to the coolest Indie Pop bands on the Net.
Wood & Wire - Independent music on the web.
IMPORVIJAZZATION NATION - Have been reviewing all genres of music for eight years.
Human Records - an artist owned record label.
Database Driven Web Site for Bands - It permits you to post HTML, show dates, keep an email list and message facility. Its all free. Could prove an excellent way for an unsigned band to advertise on the web.
The Local Band Directory - the goal is to get fans of mainstream bands on the internet to check out local bands that they may like.
Song Search - CD catalog and links.
Mindsound - The place for indie / unsigned music and free web pages for bands!.
The Music Revolution - promoting unsigned bands.
Expose - Exploring the boundaries of Rock.
Progressive Newsletter - great site for progressive rock info and links
181.4 Degrees from the Norm! - Music Magazine.
Progeny - Progressive Music Magazine.
Stormbringer Webzine - Progessive rock news and reviews
karnevilj's Progressive Music Site - 'site is dedicated to progressive rock artists, past and present, who have pushed the musical envelope to the edge and beyond!'
DURP - Tales from the progressive ocean - Webzine for Progressive: rock + metal
Prog Teutonicum - webring
The Spanish Progressive Rock Page - leads to great prog encylopedia
Progression Magazine
Aiding and Abetting - the latest in underground music
hEARd - Australian music magazine dedicated to the non-profit promotion of new music.
Acid Dragon - French magazine is dedicated to progressive rock.
Artifact Metal Zine - heavy rock online magazine.
Storm Radio - Freeserve's radio channel
World Wide Bands - MP3 site. - Our favourite underground MP3 site.
MP3site - MP3 site.
Pure MP3 - MP3 rock albumns.
Audio Find - MP3 site.
MP3search - more MP3s.
Napster - MP3 file sharing.
Tina McClelland-Freelance Photographer - info or advice on getting your live/publicity pictures
Ghostland - progressive rock links
The Bus - Best Underground Sounds - Attractive site listing underground bands.
The Tom Pyles Music Resource Page - "Becoming the ultimate music resource on the net. We include artists from all genres of music, large and small. If you are an artist, or represent an artist, we invite you to make a submission and you'll be added in a few days."

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If you have a link to a major site that lists bands or music industry information, I'll link it in. If you are an unsigned band with your own web page - don't mail me, try emailing some of the unsigned band sites listed above. Most just ask for a reciprocal link to their site in return.