Welcome to the homepage of Manchester, U.K. band SHUSH

Salford is famous for rainy afternoons and the music created during them. Shush are a Salford band based on the compostions and recordings of Ian Drumm and Carole Smart. Influences include sixties divas, obscure indie and unfashionable progrock. The music of Shush is melodic alternative, indie, progressive type stuff. Please feel free to download the complete MP3s here.

You can preview and download complete MP3s of Shush music at


Shush make much of thier music freely available over the web. The internet will hopefully shake up a stagnating music industry by giving unsigned acts a chance to get heard while the overhyped, overpaid, undertalented creations of the establishment a kick in the arse. To find out how read Brad Kava's article 'Music industry facing a revolution'

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ã All music copyright of Shush (2000)

Ianís a member of Space Hopper (site includes news, info, mp3s and links)

The Poetry of Carole Smart - Carole is a published poet and has her own site.

Ians top ten progrock - ten favorite progressive rock albums that you could probably buy together from a second hand record store for the price of a Steps C.D.

will do soon... Carole's top ten sixties diva's - e.g. Sandy Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Nico, Cilla Black, Marianne Faithfull, etc.



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