Poems by Carole Smart

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Flaxen Hair
Sensuous stare
Marble eyes
Parisian sighs
Pouting lips
Model hips
Warholís baby
Velvetís lady
Sultry tones
Morbid moans
Morrissey snaps
Nico adapts
Celluloid movie
Undergroundís groovy
The End

Between a Laugh and a Tear 1996, The International Society of Poets

The Journey

Copper heart
Poison dart
Straight to the point
With love to the joint
A blanket of broken kisses
An eternity of near misses
Entering the corpuscle red
All the white have been shed
I feel faint and sick
My will for now has been licked
The room now appears cloudy and blurred
But some how I feel unperturbed
Close my eyes and count to ten
The sheep are unicorns searching for Zen
Drifting further into the deepest sleep
I here sounds of people starting to weep
do not despair my dearest friends
I travel light and make amends
With heavenly creatures from pastures new
Donít forget me my darlings, I will always love you

Awaken to a dream, International Library of Poetry 1997


Boxing match, fight to win
All syked up, opponents a Fin
Watch his left, my manager said
Its not just his left that I dread
The Fin is built like a sodding tank
Biceps like battleships, triceps like Frank
I consider myself to be of ultimate proportions
But against this monster I dwindle into distortion
The bell rings, round one, the referee calls
I jump out of my seat and face the wall
The wall of death is the Fins nickname
Mines the madman, Iíve got my Dad to blame
That famous left hook gets me on the jaw
I dropped my guard, oh what a complete bore
Now heís got me on the ropes
I take a punch, miss, Iím on the slopes
My head is spinning, Iím on the floor
The referee starts counting "get up you moron"
I hear my Dad shouting at me
Cheeky get, I get up at the count of three
Round one finishes, its back to my corner
My coach wipes my face over and over
Keep in there lad, he says to me
Gives me some water, god, I could do with a whisky or three
Round two, round three, round four, round five
God Iím surprised Iím still bloody alive
This creature has given me a right good hammering
But Iím holding my own, in spite of the battering
Its round sixth, the Fin looks really tired
I lunge forward at him, I suddenly feel fired
I punch him in that pit of a stomach
He falls to the ground with a thud, what a bullock
The referee is counting out time
I cant believe it heís got to nine
The wall is writhing on the deck
God Iíve won, this is something I didnít expect
A knockout in the sixth round
My Dad, Manager and Coach congratulate me theyíre so proud
My Wife runs into the ring and gives me a kiss
The MC announces The Madman is the new Heavyweight Champion God, I NEED A PISS


Eyes are wet
Tears are stinging
Mascara is running
The colour of jet
My heart is aching
My soul is yearning
My body is wanting
Every morning when waking
The lump in my throat
When I cry is heartbreaking
Hysterical sobbing, streaming
It makes me want to choke
My sweet boy
My love for you is real
Sincere, true, for always
You are indeed a joy
Beautiful person of presence so great
I need you, need to hold you
In my arms, to press you against my breast
But I suppose Iíll have to wait
Eyes are drying
Tears are staining
Mascara is caked
I am dying..........(inside).


A romantic tale set in a wooded land

Elemental child dost thou know how I feel
Stars searching endlessly for lost time
The prince of peace doth shine his light upon thy face
You see only ponds of desire wanting, waiting, erupting
Thou hast seen many a dandy in despair with thee
Take time delicate child your time will come
Jewelled waters, diamond kisses caress thy heart
Purple peasants doth wander yon valley
Take thy hand go hither cross the woodland hythe
Bogurts and urchins doth frequent thy trees of hope
Beware the lost souls of salamander in the underworld for they are the forebearers
Thou ist surely the most beautiful of all
Yellow corkscrewed hair, eyes as blue as the sea is green, lips of silken satin, a button nose so sweet
Cheeks as pink as the rose of life
The face of an angel, bejewelled so fine
Tell me thy wondrous, hallowed creature, dost thou feel like a star
A star, star, i know not the meaning of this utterance
Thou feels alive, enhanced, at one with the earth, with nature
Happy to run, jump, laugh with the bogurts, urchins and lurgans
To drink from the waters of rahman, to eat from the table of peoplekind............................................................................
Elemental child dost thou know how I feel...........................

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