Carole Smart

My name is Carole Smart, I was born and raised in Whalley Range, Manchester, England. Ive been writing poems and short stories for many years. My influences include Oscar Wilde, Marc Bolan, The Smiths and sixties music which I adore.

Ive had several poems published notably in 'Between a Laugh and a Tear' and 'Awaken to a Dream' by International Society of Poets.

First Book of Poems
Nico, The Journey, The Boxer, Wanting, Elemental Child (Dost Thou Know How I Feel)

Second Book of Poems
Keith Moon In His Living Room, Dandelion, Hall Of Humiliation, The Hasty Hearts, Like Two Swallows

Third Book of Poems
Scott By Any Other Name, The Odours Of Love, Skinhead Boy, Night of Reckoning, Jimmy Jimmy

Fourth Book of Poems
Sandie, Used, CAL(a legend), Life’s a Gas, Gemini Boy

Fifth Book of Poems
Flicker To Freedom, Hidden Depths, Born To Win, Reservoir Renoir, Amour


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So Shush Manchester band I sing and write for

Here is a link to friends of mine in Manchester band Space Hopper

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