Poems by Carole Smart

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The Mad Moon In His Element
Moonie mad and free sits in the living room of time
Naked except for a wry smile and a twist of lemon
The ocelot rug in front of the raging fire , tones of red
The vibrant pink curtains gathered at the waist with bloodied rope
The pea green suite , the multi coloured carpet coordination breakdown
Pictures of lily hang on the virgin walls
Happy jack smiles foolishly at the pinball wizard toothless and wide
Tommy can now see for miles , thank god for microchip technology and x ray vision
Thank god for scotch , vodka , and gin and tonics
For uppers , downers , trippers and strippers
See me , feel me , take my hand
Im a boy , Im a boy do me a favour Im a toy
Cheryl buxom and blonde sways into the room
Bends over and kisses his cheek
Her ample cleavage meets moonies letchurous lear
He pats her arse , pinches her tits and growls crudely
My generation never did understand my erstwhile desires for the female form , the female thorn
I cant explain my actions , hell , wouldnt want to
I look down on what seems to be a revolution of sound
The kids are alright they always have been
That Graham goonie woonie knows a thing or two
About his art , about his part in moo zik
Townsend copyist , Graham copyist , guitarist down your doorstep
Looks right through you , not at you
Gormless gurnie , but underneath the facade a beautiful swan
A SPECTacular creature,eyes of a cow , a jersey guernsey
Substitute beauty for plainess , a fair swap tee hee , a good wheeze
Da de da da de da , la la la le le le
Toodle ooh , toodle ooh , toodle tit
A short interlude of the simplest kind
Before the magic bus takes me anyway , anyhow , anywhere I want
This is my wonderful mad , bad , world
My quadrophenia,my heaven,my den of iniquity


A Shakespearian Tragedy

Dandelion , you are the fairest of all
In gods meadow you do bow your delicate head
To and fro as the wind catches your sweet petals
And blows your stems so much sometimes you fall
Dandelion , you multiply each beautiful day
The sun doth shine on your yellowsome blooms
It kisses your face and caresses your head
You are indeed wonderful , beautiful and splendid
Dandelion , I am in love with you
Take my hand I will lead thee to paradise
For us to be together for always and more
Is thy ultimate dream come true
Dandelion , why do you not answer thee
Does thou not find my appearance comely
Does thou not think I would provide for thee
I would go to the ends of the earth and then some for your happiness
Dandelion , what is wrong with thee
Ist thou ailing , thous stems are the strangest colour of brown
The cruel wind has taken my beautiful princess
And broken her legs so she can no longer stand
Dandelion , as I cradle thee in my arms
I see a faint flicker of life in your pale , alabaster face
I kiss your petal shaped lips one last time
I love you my darling god bless , save a place for me in paradise
I will be along later.


Hecklers(dont you just love them)

Taunting bodies in a halo of deceit
Despise the agony of malicious rumours
Unknown entitys in a hall of inspiration
"Have a go" encouraging talent pent up and beguilling
Face to face with the multitude
Performing your craft , your worldly wares
Faceless ones heckle and giggle
Ignorance is bliss for them so it seems
Anger and frustration loom inside your rejected body
Your last offering is delivered loud , proud and confident
Up yours you cretinous bastards my thoughts are charming
Five persons guarantee your fate
Like a jury unbiased I dont think so
Good or bad , mediocre , shit or shouldnt have bothered
They judge and devour any self confidence you might have had
You feel humiliation , disgrace and malice
Hatred of ones unknown
How dare they mock your works of genious
How dare they shatter your golden illusions
Your anger subsides you feel cheated
Next time round will be better
Persevere , carry on regardless , dont give up
Wilde was criticized , chastised and punished
Learn to accept criticism as well as praise
Your first public performance , a wondrous attempt(20 wasnt bad)
Dont let five faceless morons dictate your life
The show must go on, ,all the worlds a stage , fame is your fortune
Make them eat their spineless words

The Hasty Hearts

When the bleakness emerges from the passive night
And the warriors of doom have relinquished their weapons
The ponds of desire will satisfy the hasty heart
To a whole new superlative dimension of time
Their aim is but a drop in the marbled ocean
And woe betied any who doth interfere and scoff
For surrounding their pristine lordly appearance
Surpasses a worldly articulate revelation of matter
That will herald rejoicing throughout the land
With multitudes welcoming the heavenly arrival
To a place in time suspecting little and more
But with expectations of the highest degree
To conquer any who dam their precious souls
Let it be said that we did not curse we did not claim
But with our hasty hearts we doth serve


Hill and mountain we doth climb
Swallows swooping smile and wave
Over our heads blankets of velvet blue
We kissed the sky and hugged the clouds
In its coyness its cheeks turned red
The heat and warmth caressing our necks
Rock and stone , granite and ore
Dust and stone , soil , swallows once more
They hover above our heads
Peaceful creatures , pure and loving
Cooing to each other , a loving song
A refrain of the most poetic verse
They nestle and cuddle for the night
Hill and mountain in desolate darkness
Shadows shimmer cascading images
Of gouls , ghosts and beasties
We find a sheltered holding
Snuggle up and be warm
Hold tightly as the wind doth blow his icy top
Arms draped around thee , so comforting and safe
Dream of heavens above and beyond
Tomorrow and yesterday , next year and now
Rejuvinate , rekindle , rested and rebirthed
The world at an angle , a solitary earth.

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