Poems by Carole Smart

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I liken you to a bird in flight
Fresh and free, heavenly and white
A woman of substance, a woman of song
And in my eyes can do no wrong

Your voice as crisp as virgin snow
Your face a jewelled worldly glow
Your hair as black as a precious stone
Your beauty and wisdom upon you doth roam

Your presence and charm from you exude
Your talent and flare create a sensuous mood
Wonderful woman passionate and witty
Always ready to compose a clever little ditty

"Girl donít come", "Long live love", and more
Are just some of her triumphs I do implore
A girl of the sixties, stardom in tow
Never changed our Sandie one bit I know

You meet The Smiths and perform with them
"Hand in glove" is the song I remember when
You appeared on "Top of the pops" and writhed around the floor
You were having the time of your life, disgracefully thatís for sure

Sandie my darling the world has listened
Your aura infinite doth glisten and glisten
The perfect child the mother of Grace
A singer of excellence, the legendary face.
Used, abused, confused, bemused
I feel all of these quadrupled
People take without knowing how to give
Well some know exactly what they are doing
I make excuses for these poor, misguided creatures
There I go again being nice, trite and forgiving
People play on your good nature and cause you pain
They lie, cheat and smother your emotions to pulp
They make promises which will never develop
Only in their infinite fantasies will they act on them
But this is the real world and my heart is on show
They see it glowing in the dark and cling on like a leach
Sheís a soft touch, sheís a love, sheís a darlin
An auntie being I mind not, itís the baggage of agony in tow
I have a life of my own to live, to get on with
Tears, fears, confidential, delicate matters discussed
I feel out on a limb and cant escape the emotional blackmail
Only I can flee the black, gloomy, terrain
That has captured my way of feeling
I will not go under, I shall not go under
Not for any of the shallow, cretinous bastards
Get back on your high horse girl
And gallop back into the limelight
After all used, abused, confused, bemused are.........................

Meek and mild
Young and wild
Loving and free
Baby and me
Tree and sky
Who am I
Earth and fire
Sea of desire
River and brook
Soil and muck
Birds that sing
Swallow on the wing
Children at play
Gods happy day
Time will pass
Lifeís a gas
Body of milk
Hair of silk
Eyes of wonder
Life of thunder
Lips of satin
Nose of Latin
Cheeks of pulpness
Lashes of bulkness
Person of splendour
Perchance I lender
Love me tender
What ever gender
Loves young dream
Image of James Dean
East of Eden
Youth of freedom
Giant of cult following
Icon of fan wallowing
Rebel without a cause
An idol with no flaws.

Gemini boy born in May
Eyes of passion, voice of clay
Body of wanting, heart of love
Face of Gabriel, a velvet glove
Gemini boy frowns so hard
Bites his lip, always on guard
Hands on hips, head bowed down
Shy and coy, lonely and bound
Gemini boy stance of Cal
Mannerisms the same as is the gel
Studying his idol for many years
Models himself on him amid the tears
Gemini boy passionate about Wilde
A lover of poetry, a woodland child
Oscar and him two peas in a pod
Gentle and genius, both worshipped like a god
Gemini boy in concert so great
The fans love him, give him flowers and wait
Wait until they can storm the stage
And hug him and kiss him and go off in a haze
Gemini boy I love you so
I want you, I need you, even though
I know that youíre only a stones throw away
I patiently wait for our reunion day.

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