Some Poems by Carole Smart

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Flicker To Freedom

Wounded heart on a hill
Awaiting the tortures of the bitterest pill
Down it in one and close your eyes
Wait for the ultimate decaying surprise
To attack your bodies inner sanctum
And feed on the disturbing planctum
Lie down and gaze up at the cloudy skies
Rushing in haste opposed to my lonely good-byes
The grass feels spongy and feathery light
My body amock with wonder and flight
I float around the hill like a swallow
Not giving a shit about that pessimistic tomorrow
I descend to my bed of comfort and joy
Moping my swet ,ridden brow...oh boy
My will is now my destiny is set
What lies ahead can only be bet
I feel sleepy, drained and at tremendous peace
As I flicker to freedom...happy...I cease.

Hidden Depths

Bathed in the warm haven of your devilish presence
Saturated in rapture at your ravishing proposals
Undress, caress, re-invent the body's desires
Hands that wander.lips that propel buds of gold
Take me to fields of poppies in bloom in June
Body of silk with a some-what rough disposition
Blows my mind to pastures of beautiful limits
You transcend my body and mind to kindergarten fantasies
Boy of wonder I travel to Venus and back in your arms
Shades of lavish overtones damned by society
Man of attitude,humour and sensitivity,but don't tell anyone
The real you brought to its fruition by lager and vodka
Confide in the future your soul is precious
Aim for your goal and send it deep into the net
Your time is now, don't delay, you are famous.

Born To Win

Statuesque limpets of ultimate proportions
Bursting through the halo of pulp and muscle
Tiny vessels swimming through channels of red and white
Reaching the surface breathless and penetrating freedom
Participating in lifes struggle for love and rejection
Washing away the sinew and slime covering their bodies
Time will protect them, nature will caress them
Darkness will soon make way for lighter times
For dwindling upon their vacant, empty brains
Awaits an un-formentioned torrent of unforeseeable endeavors
Enriching the bolts of features that have yet to paint their faces
Gloom, anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, hate, desire
Sketched in day after day, month after month, year after year
Baby you sure have a lot to look forward to
A lot to look backwards to
You are beautiful, you are precious, you are special
Never forget who and what you are
Torment will effect you
Mockery will despair
Love will thrill you to the ends of the whirlpool
Desire will chill you to the bowels of your libido
The hands of hope reach out in earnest
In love,in emotion,in excellent approval
Your lungs propel a sound not unlike a hungry cat
So shrill the sound barrier could well be broken
You suckle at your Mothers breast,safe and free
Pure and soft,wriggling at glee
Make it what you will baby
You were born to win.

Reservoir Renoir

The crystal waters are glistening so pure
Like diamonds on a bed of silvery webbing
The blinding sun shines down on the resovoirs person
Making my special place seem magical and mystic

Take me to the wood today I promise I won't wander
Promises are meant to be kept I know this
But the feelings I have for my heavenly place
Today seem much stronger than ever before

We arrive I can hear the waters calling to me
Lap, lap, lap, splish, splash, lap, lap, lapping
Magenta we are waiting for you don't be frightened a ghostly voice whispers
I wander I know I promised, but I still wander

The willowy waters are calm and clear
Majenta, Magenta, I can hear the soft whispers of the chosen one
Come nearer so I can look upon your face, come nearer
I step into the beautiful resovoir, I am showered with jewels

Renoir, my darling Renoir, I am hear at last
The chosen one holds out his white delicate hands kiss his ring
Majenta, my beautiful wild child take my hand
Let me lead you into the gateway of eternal happiness and tranquillity

Renoir and I take each other's hands
I step reluctantly further into the now deep waters so blue and bold
Don't be frightened Renoir declares come-hither paradise is near
The crystal waters are glistening so pure
Like diamonds on a bed of silvery webbing...


Fire and water
Coconut ice
Lipstick kisses
Sugar and spice
Lemon and honey
Sweetness and light
Flowers and candy
Perfume and delight
Chocolate and heaven
Strawberries and Liquor
Bananas and yogurt
These I amour
Music and poetry
Sounds and verse
Beauty and emotion

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