Where to Find Scenery, Aircraft and Other Useful Stuff

Combat Flight Simulator lets you import scenery and planes constructed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 98 (and older). There is a vast array of free scenery on the Internet - most places on Earth have been recreated by enthusiasts armed with scenery creation software packages, maps, scanned images and satellite photos.

Free Scenery and Aircraft

The Scenery Hall of Fame


Daniel's Scenery HomePage

Magrathea UK Scenery

Flight Sim Ring

Dan's Aircraft and Scenery

Kyle's Flight Sim Add On Page


Comox Valley Flight Simulator Stopover

The Real Florida Scenery Group

Hockey Town 1998'S FS98 Page

Geom99's Aircraft

Forkboy2's zplanes (multi-player planes!)

Virtual Wings

Keith's Virtual Helipad

Sim Combat (includes planes and stuff especially for CFS)

Sim Flight

Combat Flight Center!

The Independant FS98 Site - Flight Simulation Information And Files (includes stuff especially for CFS)

AVSIM Online

Moby's Hanger - Australia's Best

Cat3 - Finnish FS Magazine

Virtual Pilot Publishing

Commercial Scenery and Aircraft

Flight Sim Central

Safari Fliteware

Sim Market

Other Useful Links

Docs Place

Extreme Sims

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