Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator

Scenery, Aircraft and Software

A Spitfire in an Island Paradise - what’s going on?

Although under construction I'll try to create a web page here dedicated to issues involving Combat Flight Simulator, notably importing and obtaining free scenery, aircraft and development tools. Despite what the CFS manual may suggest you don't have to have previously owned FS98 to use free scenery created for FS98, I'll explain here. I'll also keep an eye on any future developments in simulator technology.

What is CFS

Where to Find Scenery, Aircraft and Useful Stuff

How to Import Scenery

How to Import Aircraft

How to Navigate with VORs, ILSs, NDBs and GPS

How to Create Scenery, Aircraft and Adventures

The Future


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Like Music?

Home Page of Manchester band Space Hopper - site contains Info, Complete Free RealAudio, MP3 plus dozens of Music Industry Links.

Embryo of an FUIII page

My FUIII page - Ive just bought this and will try a noddy site with info, links, etc.

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